Presenter Profile: Ricardo Skywalker

Ricardo Skywalker

Ricardo inherited his shamanic life through his ancestors lineage. He studied with (don Oscar) a Peruvian shaman the Pachakuti Mesa tradition and the Munay-Ki Rites through (Raghida Blaney) a Lebanese shaman. He comes from a spiritual life coaching background with a master practitioner of nlp and matrix therapy practice. Ricardo has accept his contract with creation by living a sacred life through Shamanism and has chosen to be part of the Inca’s prophesy which is sweeping the present world by the masculine and feminine energies coming into balance. As a shaman, Ricardo shares is his own experience and synthesis of the Peruvian ancestral teachings and ancient wisdom traditions which is the path of the Paquwachu (path of payment or service) been all about stewardship to our Earth Mother, Pachamama and all Her Relations. This is the gift of the Paqochuna (people on a path of service to the earth) and Huachuma Curandero shamanic traditions to the 21st century, here and now.

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