Prevention of Violence Against Women – Special Series

In conjunction with White Ribbon Day, from 25 November 2014 a special series will air dealing with the issue of violence against women.  Produced by Allie Hanly (The Breakfast Club, Art Swank), the series tells the stories of people who have experienced violence, features experts in the field of prevention and treatment, and examines the factors that result in violence.

Podcasts of these programs will be available as they go to air.

  • ‘The Survivors Story’ (50 min)

In this program we hear the story of three women who have all experienced violent relationships.  From start to finish, we look at their experiences and see how the relationships started, how their partner became violent and then how the women left the relationship.  Supported by experts in the field we can come to understand all of the dynamics at play in a violent relationship.

  • Airing on MAIN fm 94.9:
  • – Tue 25th NOV (White Ribbon Day) 8.30 – 9.30
  • – Wed 3rd DEC 7pm
  • – Sun 7th DEC 11am

Part 1 [download here]


Part 2 [download here]


Part 3 [download here]


Part 4 [download here]




A call to peace for men.  In this program we hear Ken Lay, Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police and Jeremy Forbes a White Ribbon Ambassador talk about the importance of men speaking up and having those difficult conversations with other men about violence.

  • Airing on MAIN fm 94.9:
  • – Wed 26th NOV 4:50pm
  • – Mon 8th DEC 3pm


In this program we hear from Jan Earthstar, Project worker from Women’s Health Loddon Mallee, as she describes the three things that underpin all of men’s violence towards women.  They are, gender inequality, rigid gender norms and violence promoting attitudes.  Tim Adam, who has worked in men’s prevention of violence programs and is currently a centre supervisor for Lifeline, talks about the three key factors in more depth.

  • Airing on MAIN fm 94.9:
  • -Fri 28th Nov 11am
  • -Wed 3rd Dec 9am


This program looks at the various myths and misconceptions people often have about violence in the home.  With several others, Robyn Trainor from the Centre for Non-Violence tells us the truth about family violence and the type of people who perpetuate it and the type of people who are victims of it.

  • Airing on MAIN fm 94.9:
  • -Sat 29th Nov 12 noon
  • -Thurs 11th Dec 3pm


In this program we speak with Lisette Aarons, Assistant Director, National centre for crime and justice statistics at the Australian Bureau of Statistics.  She talks us through the results of the National Personal Safety Survey 2012 and how they relate to our understanding of the gendered nature of violence.

  • Airing on MAIN fm 94.9:
  • – Sun 30th Nov 11am
  • – Sat 6th Dec 12 noon

If you are interested in reading more about the research that has been done on family violence please follow the links below:

Vic Health research

-Australian Bureau of Statistics – Personal Safety Survey

(The ABS is happy for anyone to contact them and discuss the results of the survey)


In this program we explore what it means when men say that they cannot control their anger. We speak to Robyn Trainor from the Centre for Non-Violence and Tim Adam, who has worked in men’s prevention of violence programs and is currently a centre supervisor for Lifeline about this issue.

  • Airing on MAIN fm 94.9:
  • – Mon 1st Dec 1pm
  • – Wed 10th Dec 8.30am


Numbers to call for support


  • In an emergency, contact police on 000


  • The Centre for Non-Violence – 1800 884 038

The Centre for Non-Violence is a service for the entire Loddon Campaspe region.  They provide services for women and children experiencing family violence, and or at risk of homelessness.  You can call for advice, assessment, advocacy, safety planning, support and referral, outreach services and court support.



  • The Women’s Domestic Violence Crisis Service1800 015 188 

A not-for-profit service for women and children experiencing violence and abuse from a partner or ex-partner, another family member or someone close to them.  They have a free 24-hour crisis line, and can link you up to emergency accommodation, advocacy, and information to enable women and children to become – and stay – free from violence.



  • The Centre for Non-Violence, Men’s Help line – 1800 884 292

They have programs for men who use violence towards family members.  Programs include men’s behaviour change and case management support.  These programs are part of a co-ordinated community response to enhance the safety of women and children, while inviting men to take responsibility for their use of violence and work towards achieving Non-Violence in their lives.



  • 1800 RESPECT  – 1800 737 732

A national sexual assault and domestic violence counselling and information service.  You can call them anytime day or night.



  • Kids Helpline – 1800 55 1800

For a lot of Australian kids , life is not all sunshine and computer games.  Many kids experience violence in the home, physical violence, sexual violence, bullying and abuse.  If you, a child or a young person you know, want to talk to someone or need support you can call them twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.



  • The Sexual Assault Crisis Line – 1800 806 292

A 24 hour support, with counselling and referral services available for past or recent victim-survivors of sexual assault.   Sexual violence and abuse is much more common than people think, 1 in 3 women and 1 in 6 men will experience sexually abuse in their life time… If this has happened to you, you are certainly not alone and there is help available for you.



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