Geoff Putnam

I arrived on this small piece of rock in 1946 to a grim post war London which hastened my parent’s decision to find 250 pounds sterling to get us all to Australia. Why we didn’t pay 10 pounds like most other Brits remains a family mystery. Educated on the Mornington Peninsular and later RMIT where I graduated in Industrial Design and immediately won a job in Sydney in retail design. This was my financial passport to London and I arrived there to work in 1970. Married in London I brought my English wife back to Melbourne which in 1976 was by comparison, a rather sleepy place. In 1976 I answered an expression of interest to help start a new community radio station and PBS began broadcasting in 1979. Over a period of some 40 years I worked in professional practice as a designer for exhibitions, museum, and retail in the UK and Australia. Later I taught design, event management, and marketing subjects in China, New Zealand, and Melbourne. Retiring in 2012 we moved to Maldon where I maintain my interests in heritage, animal welfare, and community radio broadcasting, hence my joining the “ In Maldon Today” team in 2014.