MAINfm is managed by a Committee elected by Members of the Association.

The current Committee was elected at the last Committee meeting on the 4th February 2019 and comprises:


President:  Brett Houghton

Brett is currently involved in marketing and event management in the arts industries. Before he worked in Film and TV production. His show is called Land of a Thousand Dances, Tuesdays 1pm – 3pm on MAINfm.

Vice President and Technical Director:  Steve Charman

Steve has had a long involvement in community broadcasting, starting back in the 1980’s at RRRFM and continuing on to PBSFM and Pheonix FM in Bendigo.  He is currently MAINfm’s new presenter training officer, outside broadcast team leader and assists with programming.  Steve produces the show Open Tuning on Wednesday afternoons.

Secretary (outgoing): Alan Taylor

Alan comes from a background in the health and community services sectors. He was CEO of Cobaw community Health in Kyneton for many years. He is also a trained Mediator and of course a dedicated classic car enthusiast.  He presents Car Talk on a Saturday morning with Bruce Carruthers.

Treasurer:  Richard McClelland

Richard has a background in community media (Ch31) and is a new (ish)  addition to our community

Sponsorship and Fundraising Co ordinator: Sue McLennan

Sue brings her experience in corporate sponsorship and marketing and public relations to the role as well as an understanding of community organisations through her voluntary work.

Programming Co ordinator:  Suzanne Donisthorpe

Suzanne has had a long career in radio, starting in community radio in Melbourne, she subsequently had a 23 year career at Radio National producing the Books and Arts program.  She and her partner Frank Veldze now produce Art Swank on Sunday mornings.

General Committee/Policy Development: Tracey Naughton

Tracey has a background in community enterprise and broadcasting from Sth Africa to Tibet.

General Committee:  Kate Elliot, Bradley Dawson, Adam Perrett