Membership of MainFM gives you voting rights at the AGM.

Anyone may apply to the station to be a full (financial) member.  To do so you must first submit the membership application form which can be completed electronically here.  This is then processed by the Committee of Management and you will be notified as to whether or not your application was successful.

Membership is $50 or $30 concession and must be paid annually.

It is compulsory for presenters to be financial members of MainFM. If you wish to become a presenter, you will need to undertake training. Training costs $100.

OR if you are not a presenter or member, you may prefer to be a subscriber of MainFM.  This does not give you voting rights, but is a wonderful way to financially support your station and stay involved.  You can subscribe here:  Subscribe

MainFM receives many requests from people who would like to join our band of wonderful volunteers and present their own radio program or provide assistance in technical, training, marketing and administration roles.