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Glenn Williams

Family of 4 Married 35+ Boy and girl both in 20's, Boy Cameraman for WINnews, daughter studying International Hospitality working in Event Management at Melb Langham soon to become an officer in the Army. Very proud of them both. Alli is a highly qualified individual with numerous Business and management qualifications. Met in Perth when I was in the Army as a Special Forces Medic. Served during a time of general peace but spent 4+ years in Counter Terrorist activities. Serious injuries left me unable to stay in the services. Returned to nursing plus got involved in some high risk security/bodyguard etc. Both Alli and I worked in the Outdoor/Adventure/Training industry in Perth. Developed a life threatening illness, after lengthy treatment and surgery looked for more solid work as our first baby was on the way 1990. Eventually commenced FlyIn/Out Cue Goldmine (2years) Second child a girl moved family to tiny outback Cue for 2 years. After a serious incident I was made Totally and Permanently Disabled. Alli returned to work and I a stay at home with the kids. Amazing. We had always decided regardless of the situation there would always be one of home. Interests I loved and sadly had to cease were climbing, skiing, scuba diving, parachuting, football, long distance running etc. We moved to Castlemaine in 1999. Both children did well at school and were active in all sorts of activities. Basketball, footy, netball, tennis, skateboard, dancing, ice skating, art, film photography etc. Alli and I were always close by and highly involved. Our families were to go through a devastating period of sadness through loss. 10 members died between 2001 to 2008 plus serious illness and disease was to plague the family. We are not alone in this as many suffer such sadness so I will simply say that it took it's toll. Alli became ill and suffered a lengthy life threatening illness. With her strength and love from family she has come through amazingly. Alli has recently returned to part time work amazing. We continue to enjoy life together and stay interested and involved in our children's lives. I personally enjoy photography, film, outdoors and Bonsai being highly involved in the Bonsai community through the Goldfields Bonsai Society for 8 years now. My recent involvement with 94.9 mainfm has given me a wonderful outlet for my many interests in this area. It has been wonderful to meet so many delightful and highly motivated individuals who give something unique to the local community. So long my health permits I plan to build on my interests and activities with the station. Alli and I live a pleasant quiet life on the hill in our home in town. A very pleasant existence.

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