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  1. Loved the show you had on btw 1 & 3 today. Music ran like a great mix tape. Really good DJ too.

  2. Hi Garry. (And sorry for the delay) Yes we agree with you. I hope you might have noticed a recent small improvement. There were a number of reasons for the poor quality of our streaming quality (some of which surprised our small band of technical helpers). We are indeed working out a way we can take the streaming directly from the studio output so hang in there! And yes the website will be updated with a lot more user friendly features in the very near future. Steve C

  3. I wish your live stream was fed directly from the studio output. As it is, it sounds like a really mushy weak off air signal. The stereo image swims all over the place. Shame. I have no other way of listening from Melbourne. // Why don’t you have the studio SMS number visible on your website? Couldn’t find it. Why is that a secret?

  4. Many thanks to Michael Gillies Smith for his interesting interviews on Monday mornings, and to John Doherty for doing a wonderful job of holding back those years every Wednesday!The variety of tracks is great. Many thanks to all for all your work at the station. Congratulations.

  5. Thankyou Sherri McIver for playing a Prince song for me on Sunday ! Always love your show , Ear Candy, and the fantastic mix of music you play,Thanks

  6. What a shame to lose the breakfast club. These guys have been awesome!!!!!! I’ll miss that unique start to the day that could only be provided by some of those Castlemaine heros. Well done on an excellent production!

  7. Welcome to the MAINfm guestbook. Feel free to let us know any feedback, positive or negative, right here and we’ll take your comments on board.

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