Andy Smith

When I was a youngster, I created a faux radio station out of my bedroom, armed with only my trusty bright-red two-tape Panasonic boom box and my imagination; so I’m pretty much fulfilling one of my childhood dreams by hosting a show on MAINfm. Amongst sharing the tunes ‘i dig’, I’m also interested in exploring the root causes of societal issues beyond mainstream narratives. I’m also interested in exploring solutions around agorism, self-sovereignty, inner healing, health/wellness, and off-grid living. Oh, and I don’t mind a bit of footy as well. ;)

In terms of music, I have over 120GB of new and older music ranging from metal to old school hip hop, to electronic, punk to dark wave, and anything else that I find interesting and/or innovative. I really ‘get a kick’ out of sharing my music discovery’s, and clips from great thinkers of our time, with the good listeners of this fine station. Check my past shows here: