Andy Smith

When I was a youngster, I created a pretend radio show called FreshFM out of my bedroom, armed with only my trusty bright-red two-tape Panasonic boom box and my imagination, so I’m pretty much fulfilling one of my childhood dreams hosting a show on MAINfm. I’m interested in exploring the root causes of societal issues, how things operate 'behind the curtain', geopolitics and exposing neo-liberalism. I’m also interested in exploring solutions like alternate economic systems, inner healing/self love, health and wellness, self-sovereignty, off-grid living and blockchain technology. Oh, and I don’t mind a bit of footy as well.

In terms of music, I have over 90GB of new and older music ranging from metal to old school hip hop, to electronic, punk to dark wave, and anything else that I find interesting and/or innovative. I really get a kick out of sharing my music discovery’s, and clips from great thinkers of our time, with listeners. I hope you enjoy what I have to share.

Andy's shows