Shane Matts

In the middle of swirling lights and driving sounds ShaneFM stood by his drums, cymbals, guitars and amplifiers. He said quietly, "Lord, I offer my music to you. Loud and soft sounds, the distortion and emotion of my sound I offer to you." And God said, "Do you know what you're saying. If you give me your music, you are giving a part of yourself as your music is you." And ShaneFM said, "I give my music to you lord" And God said, "Then I receive it, I will bless you and your music for it is the creation of your hand. It is you and you give it to me. It shall be received and honoured in all heaven for your offering pleases me." And ShaneFM then played his music and many listened and many enjoyed and ShaneFM was glad.

Shane Matts's shows