Pete Dawson

In Didj'n'Us Mujik & Kulcha... Pete Dawson will be presenting In Didj'n'Us each MONDAY 1-3PM exploring his love of and involvement with First Nations musicians from the AustralAsian region... In the spirit of "Blackfella, Whitefella" I explore The First Nations songmen & women, plus the non-aboriginal musicians who have been instrumental in assisting blek balas to make it in the music industry. 
 Over a career of 50 years Pete Dawson has created numerous community arts projects, in various states and territories, including VIC, SA, NSW, QLD, ACT & NT. He has staged concerts, mentored young musicians, conducted arts programmes in schools and aboriginal communities, as well as, for the unemployed, people with disabilities and youth. Peter has been a regular broadcaster of Australian, multicultural and Indigenous music on community radio stations around the country. He has also been a contributor to magazines and newspapers, reviewing festivals and concerts. Currently he is writing a children’s book. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Blackfella, whitefella 
It doesn't matter what your colour 
 As long as you a real fella 
As long as you a true fella All the people of different races With different lives in different places It doesn't matter what your name is We got to have lots of changes We need more brothers if we're to make it We need more sisters if we're to save it ~ George Rrurrambu Burarrwanga & Neil Murray 
**(The Warumpi Band). ~~~~~~~

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