Down to Earth

Presented by: Stephen McMahon

Tuesday 7:00pm - 8:00pm

adjective sensible; without pretensions; realistic.

The Down to Earth show is a mixed spoken word and music show. We present news, information and comment related to the environment and social justice issues.

Just like the recent March in March protests, we want to highlight inequity and draw public attention to the gaps in government policy.

We believe that people are more than consumers, greater than the scared, fearful and intolerant masses presented in the mainstream media.

We celebrate our differences, honour our humanity and challenge short-term, small-mindedness.

Every Tuesday evening, at 7pm, we invite you to jump on the peace train, dance in the dark and let’s see action.

The Down To Earth show is for everyone who has ever thought about different reasons to live and for all those yet to experience the joy of dancing, singing and moving together.

Explore the alternatives.

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