Make/Believe & Arts Folk

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Sunday 3:00pm - 4:00pm

Two shows, one hour! MainFM’s two creatively focused shows alternate the Sun 3pm slot each week.

Make/Believe goes behind the scenes of creativity in our region: the day jobs, the hidden hobbies, the things we do when we are not making stuff, and the individuals who don’t necessarily call themselves artists. Each week the show features a field interview with a local maker in their habitat and learns something about the philosophy of living a creative life.

Presenter: Bonny Cassidy

Arts Folk is the radio show for folks who like art. Get to know the humming circuitry of creatives who are the heart-blood of our region from visual artists and performers, to writers and producers. Listen in for intimate live interviews, the latest arts news and local events, and the sweet sounds of folk, alternative and indie music in between.

Follow the show on insta: artsfolk94.9

Presenter: Maddie Mac

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