Play Nice

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Sunday 4:00pm - 5:00pm

Play Nice is a fusion of words, conversation and music, curated to make you feel something. Discover where you play nice or don’t, and how that goes for you. Explore the edges of what we say and don’t say, both with words and with our other bits.

Embodiment. Boundaries. Experimentation. Courage.

The art of getting real with ourselves and others.

Emmaline and Sophie are pioneers in authenticity and embodiment, playfully leaning into taboo topics and themes on belonging, connection, intimacy and more. We will help you say the things you didn’t know you needed or wanted to say, but feel oh so right in the body. That click that happens when we are on the track that is true to ourselves.

How do we uncover what’s true for us? This is our guiding question at Play Nice.

Be yourself; everybody else is already taken.
Oscar Wilde.