The Sunday Midday Show

Presented by:

Sunday 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Presented by Sam Loy, The Sunday Midday Show kicks off…wait for it…Sundays at midday.

It’s a variety show. 1 timeslot, 3 different shows on a 4-week cycle.

Depending on the week, you’ll either hear…

All Songs Lead to Tom
A playlist of songs with a theme, interspersed with ranting and chatter.

Dads on Film
Sam and another dad watch a movie, and then use its depictions of dads and dadding to talk about their own experiences and big-boy feelings.


Someone You Know
A documentary interview featuring the stories of locals, set to music.

Check in with the Friends of MainFM Facebook page where Sam will regularly update punters on what show is playing.

And remember, be excellent to each other.

Genre(s): breakfast radio, blues, rock, rock, folk, alternative, country, multifarious, talk, interview, documentary


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