Become a Presenter

Becoming a Presenter on MainFM

MainFM encourages programming that reflects our community interests. We aim to encourage direct participation in programming by community members including individuals and interest groups.

MainFM seeks presenters with innovative ideas for programs that are described in our Program and Music Policies. These are available in the MainFM policies section.

The Program Committee will accept proposals at any time and allocates air time according to availability of suitable time slots on the program grid. It will review the information you provide when you decide what your show angle is. All presenters must ensure they are paid members before going to air.

Audience Identification & Targeting
Programs should target our audience, which includes people committed to:

1. Local news and current affairs
2. Community events and special days
3. History
4. Lifestyle – food, gardening etc.
5. Environmental action and conservation
6. Education innovation, showcasing, and reform
7. Youth oriented and youth conducted programs
8. Civic engagement, leadership, and local action
9. Community work of and by underrepresented populations i.e., indigenous people, women, and the LGBTQI members
10. Innovative civic ideas from our community and other communities to build local knowledge and discussion
11. Arts and culture

In addition to talk-based platforms, we seek music-based broadcasting which presents genres to reflect and celebrate the diverse populations in the central goldfields community.