As MAINfm continues to grow and settle into the Community Broadcasting Arena we have established a few (more to come) policies to help us grow respectfully and legally.

Anyone wishing to discuss these policies should send an email to info@mainfm.net advising us of your thoughts and comments.


POLICIES: Please click on the links below to find out more:

Music Policy Approved 6.5.2019

Program Policy amended 6.5.2019

Sponsorship Policy FINAL 18.3.19

MAINfm Annual Report Jan’17 – June ’18

Membership Policy MAINfm 2018

Community Participation Policy MAINfm 2018

MAINfm Governance Policy July 2018

Role Descriptions CoM MAINfm

CDR Constitution Final draft April 2018




Complaints and Greivance Policy 2016 May

Annual Report FINAL 2016

Financial Statements 2016


MAINfm disclaimer