We have been the recipient of some fantastic news from the Community Broadcasting Foundation this week, in the form of two content grants. These grants are for two very program series ‘The Card-Carrying Members of the Library Liberation Front’ and ‘Turning the Goldfields Green’.

The Card-Carrying Members of the Library Liberation Front is a ten-part podcast and radio series uncovering the human stories of connection that people make through libraries, from young mums and the elderly, marginalised teenagers and refugees, to prison Dads who record themselves reading books to their children while incarcerated.  

Turning the Goldfields Green  is a one hour weekly radio program and podcast; interviewing people, groups, businesses and institutions about their activities, efforts and solutions to the climate crisis. Working in partnership with the Mount Alexander Sustainability Group (MASG), this program will investigate what is happening locally (Central Victoria) and how that is reflected globally.  

Congratulations to everyone who worked hard on obtaining these grants!