Amalie O'Hara

According to local legend, one must live in Castlemaine for 40 years before they’re considered a ‘local’. With approximately 35ish years to go, Amalie’s not letting that stop her from claiming the ‘Maine as her place to call home.

Amalie (she/they) is a proud pansexual, neurodivergent rejector of the gender binary, whose favourite time of the week - hands down - is when they present Queer and Now on Tuesday evenings from 5-7 with Sherene.

Amalie enjoys misty mornings, watching the footy, window-shopping, scrolling on TikTok and drinking ice-cold Coca-Cola.

If you’re in the mood to be entertained, ask them about Shania Twain, or Cher.

Then feel free to ask Shania about Amalie, however, do NOT bring up Amalie around Cher.

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