The MAINfm Rogies!

The inaugural MAINfm Rogies took place on Saturday night at the Wesley Hill Hall. Thank you to everyone who came along, joined in the party – and helped out in any way – you’re all amazing! And congratulations to those who were awarded a ‘gong’. Although in our eyes, everyone’s a winner – and that’s the truth!

(scroll down for photos)


The Chatterati Award: Art Swank

Queer & Now

The Maine Game

Grey Matters

The Upshot

The Rex Watts Music Award: Lukewarm Cocktail Hour

Shake Appeal

Hello Darling

The Wave

Then & Now

New Kid on the Block Award: Star Spangled Bangers

My Own Private Soundtrack

Then & Now

Able Radio

The Wave

The Fresh Award: Ninja Tuna

Then & Now

Shake Ya Kaboose

Castlemaine Early Risers


Old Hand Radio Award: The Rhythm Method/Art Swank

It’s a Jangle Out There

Ninja Tuna

Live & Local

Silver Rogie: Star Spangled Bangers

Gold Rogie: Lukewarm Cocktail Hour