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GET YOUR GROOVE BACK (aka The Jobs & Growth Show)

Dare I use the “e” (ecl#$%tic) word to describe the wide-ranging styles of music that you will hear on Get Your Groove Back? You’ll hear Muddy Waters back to back with Ali Farka Toure, Sister Rosetta Tharpe with Johnny Winter, Dya Singh with Rory McLeod. Programs include featured albums, tracks to a theme, particular styles (from blues to world), guests (some of whom actually turn up, some of whom are interesting), film soundtracks and other stuff made up on the spur of the moment. Regular features include music I borrow from the library, instrumentals and music around a moment in history. If your life has a soundtrack, the chances are you’ll hear it on Get Your Groove Back.

PLAYLIST FOR 17/10/17  (PROGRAM 243) Trivia Hints 2/ Africa

1. Konooba (Diabate) by Toumani Diabate (Kaira, 1987)[10:27] Diabate plays the 21 string lute bridge-harp ; from Mali
2. Gomni (Toure) by Ali Farka Toure & Ry Cooder (Talking Timbutu, 1994) [7:01]
3.  Zambia by Lee Morgan (The African Jazz Collection, 2001) [6:32] Morgan [10/7/38-19/2/72] rec/played with Coltrane, Blakey etc; this track rec 1966.
4. Angola by Cesaria Evora (Gilles Peterson in Africa, 2005) [8:29] ] from Cape Verde [27 August 1941 – 17 December 2011]; nicknamed the “Barefoot Diva” for performing without shoes aka the “Queen of Moma”, widely considered the national music of Cape Verde, with Lyrics usually in  Cape Verdean Creole, and instrumentation often includes cavaqhinho (a 4 stringed guitar like instrument), clarinet , violin, piano & guitar.
5. . Mali (Songhai Blues ) by Songhai Blues (Music In Exile, 2015) [3:23]
6. Asmarina by Feqade Amde-Maskal (Gilles Peterson in Africa, 2005) [4:51] orig from Asmara, moved to  Addis Abeba where he was the drummer for the legendary Soul Ekos Band. He then went on to play with Mahmoud Ahmeds Ibex Band which disbanded in 1975 after the Derg revolution. He stayed in Ethiopia and formed Roha Band together with his Ibex partners. He left the Roha Band in 1989 or 1990. Before he was forced to go into exile in 1998, Feqade Amdemesqel, owned and managed Ghion Music and Video Shop and Ghion Photo. Today he lives in the US.
7. New York City (Ledbetter) by Phil Wiggins & Dom Turner (Owing The Devil a Day’s Work, 2014)[3:39]
8. Leadbelly (Collins) by Sugarcane Collins (Way Down The River, 2006) [5:00]
9. Hanoi (Turner/ Hirst) by The Backsliders (Hanoi, 2002) [3:48]
10. Vietnam People (Turner) by The Backsliders (Left Field Holler,2007) [2:32]
11. Sao Paulo (Peon) by Mercedes Peon (SOS, ?) [4:24]
12. The Promised Land (Brown/ Carron) by Maria Muldaur (Meet Me Where They Play The Blues, 1999) [5:22]
* 13. Sunday (Pop/ Homme) by Iggy Pop (Post Pop Depression, 2016) [6:06] his 18th album & his highest ranking album in US. With Josh Homme (vocals, guitar, bass, piano, synthesizers, mellotron, production, percussion) & Dean Fertita (guitar, piano, synthesizers, bass guitar) from Queens of the Stone Age & Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders.
* 14. Goin’ Away Baby (Reed) by John Mayall (Talk About That, 2016) [3:50] 1 of 3 covers out of 11.
* 15. Paraguay (Pop/ Homme)  by Iggy Pop (Post Pop Depression, 2016) [6:25]
* 16. Gimme Some of That Gumbo (Mayall) by John Mayall (Talk About That, 2016) [3:57]
17. Love is Like a T Bone Steak  (Fisher/ Reed) by The Sensitive New Age Cowpersons (Other Peoples’ Greatest Hits, 2006) [2:11] for all you vegetarians out there…

* Denotes CD borrowed from Castlemaine Library (Goldfields Library Corp)

PLAYLIST FOR 10/10/17 (PROGRAM 242) Trivia Night hints 1

1. Whales Are Whales (Fisher/ Reed) by The Sensitive New Age Cowpersons (Other Peoples’ Greatest Hits, 2006) [2:51]
* 2. I Won’t Dance  (Kern ) by Sarah MacKenzie (The Musical World of Frida Kahlo & Diego Riviera [3:38] A musical companion to the Art Gallery of New South Wales’ exhibition Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera from the Jacques and Natasha Gelman Collection, which ran from 25 June to 9 October 2016. MacKenzie (b 1987) from Perth, now Melbourne.
3. Rainy Day (10,000 Maniacs) by 10,000 Maniacs, 1997) [4:46] formed 1981 in NY state.
* 4. Powerless (Say What You Want) (Furtado/ Eaton/ West/ Horn/ Dudley/ McLaren) by Nelly Furtado (Folklore, 2003) [2:53] 2nd album by this Portuegese Canadian.
* 5. Autumn Leaves  (Ozone) by Makoto Ozone Trio (Dear Oscar, 1998) [6:14] from Japan; Ozone (piano), Kiyoshu Kitagawa (bass) & Clarence Penn (drums).
6. Bye Bye Blackbird (Dixon/ Henderson) by Nina Simone (Live @ The Village Gate, 1961/1991) [8:17] nee Eunice Kathleen Waymon
7. It’s Alright (Andrews) by Adam Faith (Adam Faith, 1965) [2:35] 1964 born Terence “Terry” Nelhams-Wright (23 June 1940 – 8 March 2003) from Good Morning Vietnam.
8. Sweet Surrender (Buckley) by Tim Buckley (Greetings From L.A., 1972) [6:38] not a member of the infamous 27 club,
9. Get Off My Back (Wilson) by Canned Heat (Hallelujah, 1969) [5:16] Wilson a member of 27 club.
10. Midnight Rambler  (Jagger/ Richards) by The Stones (Brussels Affair, 1973)[12:43] includes William George Perks Jr on bass. Orig off Let It Bleed,1969. Song about Albert DeSalvo, who confessed to being the Boston Strangler.
11. Road Long Been Travelled (Younan) by Jesse Younan (A Good Day For a Migraine, 2008) [4:14]
12. Cast The First Stone (Mule) by The Honey Island Swamp Band (Sugar Cane, 2013) [3:48] from New Orleans (NOLA)
13. House of The Rising Sun (Ray/ White Holmes) by Nina Simone Live @ The Village Gate, 1961/1991) [4:30]
14. Mercy  Younan) by Jesse Younan (A Good Day For a Migraine, 2008) [3:00]
15. Buried & Dead (Bower) by Masters Apprentices (The Very Best of, 1988) [2:37] orig from Adelaide.
16. Ye Ye De Smell (Kuti) by Fela Ransome-Kuti & The Africa 70 (Gilles Peterson in Africa, 2005) [12: 28] Peterson a well respected French musicologist/DJ/ record label owner in England. Fela from Nigeria, born 15/10/38, died 2/8/97. Africa 70 had over 30 musos (dunno if all played @ same time). Ginger Baker drums on this track.
17.  Message From Kenya (Blakey) by Horace Silver Trio & Art Blakey & Sabu (The African Jazz Collection, 2001) [4:36] rec 1954; Silver orig from Conneticcut, then NYC, Blakey (known as
Abdullah Ibn Buhaina after converting to Islam) from Pittsburgh, Sabu (Martinez) from NYC.

* Denotes CD borrowed from Castlemaine Library (Goldfields Library Corp).



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