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Get Your Groove Back

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GET YOUR GROOVE BACK (aka The Jobs & Growth Show)

Dare I use the “e” (ecl#$%tic) word to describe the wide-ranging styles of music that you will hear on Get Your Groove Back? You’ll hear Muddy Waters back to back with Ali Farka Toure, Sister Rosetta Tharpe with Johnny Winter, Dya Singh with Rory McLeod. Programs include featured albums, tracks to a theme, particular styles (from blues to world), guests (some of whom actually turn up, some of whom are interesting), film soundtracks and other stuff made up on the spur of the moment. Regular features include music I borrow from the library, instrumentals and music around a moment in history. If your life has a soundtrack, the chances are you’ll hear it on Get Your Groove Back.

PLAYLIST FOR 21/3/18 (PROGR4AM 264) WOMADelaide 2018

1. A Child’s Guide  To The Universe (Clarke) by Fred Dagg [1:57]
2.  Big Time Operator by Jeff St John & The Id  (100 Greatest Australian Singles of the 60s, 2015) [2:30] born Jeffrey Leo Newton; 22 April 1946 – 5 March 2018. He was born with spina bifida and spent much of his life in a wheelchair. Rel 1967.
3. Teach Me How To Fly  (St John?) by Jeff St John & Copperwine [4:07] rel 1970.
4. We Need a Song (Morgan/ Thorpe) by Wendy Saddington & Jeff St John & Copperwine (Live, 2011; bonus track) [3:25] rel 1971.
5. Rock ‘n Roll Graveyard (McNulty) by Jazz Party (Monday Night, 2017) [3:55]
6.Lament For Lost Dignity  (Taylor)  by  Elephant Sessions (All We Have Is Now, 2018?) [3:49] from Inverness.
7. The Music of Glen Deven Ranch (Frisell) by Bill Frisell (Big Sur, 2013) [3:45]
8. Dirty: Dirty 10 (Taylor) / The Night Everything Fell Apart (Smilie/ Taylor) by  Elephant Sessions (All We Have Is Now, 2018?) [4:50]
9.  Old School Sousta (Psarandonis) by Xyloris White (Goats, 2014) [3:44] performed WOMAD 2017.
10.  Dasht (Rahim AllHaj) by Rahim AlHaj Trio  (One Sky, 2018) [8:03]
12. Ayoub (Rahim AllHaj) by Rahim AlHaj Trio (One Sky, 2018) [7:42]
13. Temptation (Baba Zula / Tod A)) / Temptation (instrumental)  (Baba Zula/ Tod A)by Baba Zula Gecekondu, 2010) [4:30 + 11:05] performed WOMADelaide 2017.
14. Tiwayyen (Alhabib/ Leche) by Tinariwen (Elwan [The Elephants], 2017) [3:45]
15. Divine Feminine (Abot) by Jojo Abot  (Fyfya Woto/  Ngiwunkulunkulu , 2018?) [4:03] a Ghanaian artist expressing herself through music, film/photography, literature and performance art. FYFYA WOTO, meaning New Birth – New Discovery serves as the theme and title for her ongoing project exploring SELF as a provocative tool in the discovery, exchange and evolution of the subject of IDENTITY in relation to appropriation vs appreciation in a growing global conversation around shared space and shared identities. Ngiwunkulunkulu means I Am God.
17. God-Like  (Hutz) by Gogol Bordello (Voi-La Intruder, 1999) [5:34]
18. Uitgar (Guyot/ Gouvag/ Erkhgajal) by Violons Barbares (Wolf’s Cry, 2018) [5:30]
19. Passport (Hutz) by Gogol Bordello (Voi-La Intruder, 1999) [4:22]
20. Immigrant Punk (Hutz) by Gogol Bordello (Gypsy Punks, 2005) [3:45]


1. The Whitlam Sacking: Gough Whitlam’s Account  (Clarke) [3:26]
2.  Aberdeen Mississippi Blues (White) by Rory Block (Keepin’ Outtta Trouble, 2016) [4:20]; White died 26/2/77 [born 12/11/09) missed this last week.
3. Drowning (McNulty) by Jazz Party (Monday Night, 2018) [4:41]
4. I Know Where To Go To Feel Good  (Kelly) by Vika & Linda (Vika & Linda, 1994) [5:03]
5. What Do O I Do? (Lane)  by Lanie Lane (To The Horses,  2011) [2:45]
6.  Jazz Dog  (McNulty) by Jazz Party (Monday Night, 2018) [3:56] from Melbourne.
7. All Of My Days (Schuman/ Gomez/ Smith)  by Hazmat Modine (Extra-Deluxe-Supreme, 2015) [4:50] played WOMAD 2017.
8.  Utarhythm  (trad) by Oki Dub Ainu Band (Utarhythm,  2016) [5:05] from Kanagawa, Japan,  in the southern Kanto region, near Yokohama.
9. Funa Tugudirugu (trad/ arr Martinez/ Cedeno)  by Aurelio [Martinez] (Darandi: Celebrating 30 Years @ the Heart of Gaifuna Music, 2016) [4:53] from Honduras; although their background is the Lesser Antilles, since 1797, the Garifuna people are from Central America, along the Caribbean Coast of Honduras, with smaller populations in Belize, Guatemala, & Nicaragua. They arrived there after being exiled from the islands of the Lesser Antilles by British colonial administration as Black Caribs after a series of slave revolts. From 2006-2010, Martinez served as a congressman for the National Congress of Honduras becoming its first black member.
10.The Legend of Resistance (Ertel/ Akman)  by Baba Zula (Do Not Obey, 2015) [6:00] from Istanbul.
11. Dugu  Kamalemba (The Womaniser/ The Skirt Chaser)  (Sangare) by  Oumou Sangrare  (Oumou, 2000, orig off Ko Sira, 1993) [6:09] from Mali; played WOMAD 2017. One for Barnaby big brains.
12. M’Bensara (Kouyate) by Kandia Kouyate (Biriko, 2002) [8:31] Nicolas Gueret sax, in Manaka language, a tribute to the Kouyate Griots. A Malian jelimuso (a female griot) and kora player; she has earned the prestigious title of ngara, and is sometimes called La dangereuse and La grande vedette malienne. Kouyaté’s career began in the early 1980s, when she started using female choral vocals accompanying her. This practice was later picked up by stars like Mory Kante  and Salif Keita, and is now an integral part of Malian music. She  suffered a stroke in late 2004. In 2015, she recorded again (Renaeisance).
13.. Magic Man (McNulty) by Jazz Party (Monday Night, 2018) [4:55]
14. 11:11 (Rodrigo & Gabriela?) by Rodrigo y Gabriela & C.U.B. A. [Collective universal Band Association] (Area 52, 2012) [7:30] from Mexico; feat Charles Benavent (bass)  & Teresa Carlota Polledo Noriega (vocals).
15. Super Taranta! (Huz & Gogol Bordello) by Gogol Bordello  (Super Taranta!, 2007) [6:42] 4th album of this NYC punk gypsy band.
16. Meadowlands (Viakazi) by Nancy Jacobs & Sisters (Amandla!,  2003) [2:31] from the  film s’track: “a revolution in 4 part harmony”.
17. Comme Un Chien  (Taha) by Rachid Taha  (Out of this World 10 Years of WOMAD in Australia, 2003; orig on Ole! Ole!, 1995)) [4:42] an Algerian singer and activist based in France who has been described as “sonically adventurous.”
18.Bahleli Bonke (?) by Miriam Makeba  (Amandla!,  2003) [0:45]


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