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GET YOUR GROOVE BACK (aka The Jobs & Growth Show)

Dare I use the “e” (ecl#$%tic) word to describe the wide-ranging styles of music that you will hear on Get Your Groove Back? You’ll hear Muddy Waters back to back with Ali Farka Toure, Sister Rosetta Tharpe with Johnny Winter, Dya Singh with Rory McLeod. Programs include featured albums, tracks to a theme, particular styles (from blues to world), guests (some of whom actually turn up, some of whom are interesting), film soundtracks and other stuff made up on the spur of the moment. Regular features include music I borrow from the library, instrumentals and music around a moment in history. If your life has a soundtrack, the chances are you’ll hear it on Get Your Groove Back.

Join me next week (20/11/18) when I will be playing a lot of R.L, Burnside’s (November 23, 1926 – September 1, 2005) music to commemorate his birthday.


Everyone’s got a “fucked-up way” of being good citizens – or so Melbourne’s Cash Savage tells us on the title track of her fourth album. Some of the things that might help us feel good about ourselves are rooted in inequalities and injustice. Like, for example, voting in a voluntary postal survey on whether or not LGBTIQ people should be able to marry. Good Citizens was written against the backdrop of that risible survey, the trauma it caused Savage’s community, and the aftermath: that even when you might have got the result a large majority of the population wanted, amid the celebrations and self-congratulations, the scars of being asked to justify and defend your own identity and humanity remain. That trauma though has produced her most focused, cohesive record. Gone is any vestige of the faint Americana leanings of her earlier albums. The nine songs here are all brawling rock’n’roll and crushing ballads. It’s got more in common with Nick Cave and the Dirty Three, in Savage’s vocals and Kat Mear’s sawing violin, than Wilco – much less the Band. But while the basic reference points are clear, Savage has never sounded more self-assured – or more Australian. Her voice is magnificent throughout, whether she’s gently chiding her country on Better Than That (“There’s a lot of people thinking I’m up for discussion”, she notes) or tearing through the tearaway pub-punk rock of Pack Animals. It’s a voice that’s got more in common with Tex Perkins and Jeffrey Lee Pierce than Jen Cloher or Courtney Barnett – a deep, feral growl that can rise to the occasion when the moment demands – and her unpredictability helps invest the taut arrangements of the Last Drinks, one of the most powerful bands in the country, with coiled-spring tension. That tension and power is nowhere more evident than Good Citizens’ opening track, Human, I Am, which hurtles out of the gates at a speed the rest of the album doesn’t try to match and redoubles in force with each verse. “Sometimes it’s hard to be when everyone’s talking at you, about you,” Savage declares. “I am human /Not your human.” Jen Cloher review it as a slow-burning masterpiece from a first-class songwriter. Andrew Stafford, Guardian Oz.

1. The War in Iraq; Not the Previous One, the Current One (Clarke) by Clarke & Dawe [2:43]
2. Human, I Am (Savage) by Cash Savage & The Last Drinks (Good Citizens, 2018) [3:27]
3. Like a Shotgun (Block) by Rory Block (Tornado, 1996) [4:14]
4. Better Than That (Savage) by Cash Savage & The Last Drinks (Good Citizens, 2018) 4:24]
5. Pack Animals (Savage/ Finch)) by Cash Savage & The Last Drinks (Good Citizens, 2018) [3:59]
6. Think Twice (Luzuriaga/ Shaw) by Mojo Juju (Native Tongue, 2018) [3:40] Mojo’s song for the man who would be king Peter Dutton.
7. Beautiful Smile (Almeida/ Badger) by Sol Nation (Melting Pot,  2015) [3:53]
8.  Espoire et Desespoire (Ceyhan/ Busuttil/ Shaked) by  The Bridge Project (Reclaim Your Voice, 2014) [4:03]
9. Sunday (Savage) by Cash Savage & The Last Drinks (Good Citizens, 2018) [6:12]
10. Off The Beaten Track (Dale/ Khosa/ Periera)) by Zebra Crossing (Zebra Crossing, 2004) [4:00] Peter Knight trumpet.
11. Open Door (Deyell/ Mothley/ Keegan) by The Three Seas (Haveli, 2014) [4:34]
12. Panihari (trad/ arr Langa) by Maru Tarang (Blue City, 2015) [12:38]
13. Found You (Savage) by Cash Savage & The Last Drinks (Good Citizens, 2018) [2:50]
14. February (Savage) by Cash Savage & The Last Drinks (Good Citizens, 2018) [4:19]
15.  Stop Da Boats (Ban) by Getano Ban (Reclaim Your Voice, 2014) [3:53]
16.  Good Citizens (Savage) by Cash Savage & The Last Drinks (Good Citizens, 2018) [5:33]
17.  Kings (Savage/ Finch) by Cash Savage & The Last Drinks (Good Citizens, 2018) [5:22]
18. Collapse (Savage/ Finch) by Cash Savage & The Last Drinks (Good Citizens, 2018) [4:35]

PLAYLIST FOR 6/11/18 (PROGRAM 297) Block, Rory November 6, 1949 –

Block has released 35 albums since 1967; Block was born in Princeton and grew up in Manhattan. Her father, Allan Block, ran a sandal shop in Greenwich Village in the 1960s, and the influence of the Greenwich Village folk music scene, such as Peter RowanMaria Muldaur, and John Sebastian tempted Block to study classical guitar. At the age of 14, she met guitarist Stefan Grossman, who introduced her to the music of Mississippi Delta blues guitarists.[2] Block began listening to old albums, transcribing them, and learning to play the songs. At age 15, she left home to seek out the remaining blues giants, such as Mississippi John HurtReverend Gary Davis, and Son House, and hone her craft in the traditional manner of blues musicians;then she traveled to BerkeleyCalifornia, where she played in clubs and coffeehouses. After retiring temporarily to raise a family, Block returned to the music industry in the 1970s with middling success until signing with Rounder Records in 1981, who encouraged her to return to her love for the classical blues form. Since then she has carved out her own niche, releasing numerous critically acclaimed albums of original and traditional songs, including many Robert Johnson covers, such as “Terraplane Blues” and “Come on in My Kitchen“. Block has won five W. C. Handy Awards, two for “Traditional Blues Female Artist” (1997, 1998) and three for “Acoustic Blues Album of the Year” (1996, 1999, 2007). She also won NAIRD awards for “Best Adult Contemporary Album of the Year” in 1994 for Angel of Mercy and again in 1997 for Tornado

1. The Abnegation of Responsibility (Clarke) by Clarke & Dawe [2:42]
2. When You Love Me (Lawler/ Lawlera) by Rory Block (First Came Memphis Minnie; a Loving Tribute, 2012) [3:20]
3. Stand By Me (Tindley) by Rory Block (Shout, Sister, Shout: a Tribute to Sister Rosetta Tharpe, 2003) [2:52]
4. Walkin’ Blues (Johnson) by Rory Block (High Heeled Blues, 1989) [2:20] John Sebastion harp.
5. Psychodelica II (McCue) by Anne McCue (East-of-Electric, 2008) [2:08] from Campbelltown, NSW; moved to Melbourne, fronted Girl Monster before going solo; currently lives Nashville & presents Songs on the Wire; toured with Lucinda Williams, among other musos, who would often introduce McCue as “my new favorite artist… and an amazing guitarist”her 5th album/6th recording.
6. Rolling Log (Beaman/ arr Block) by Eric Bibb, Rory Block & Maria Muldaur (Sisters & Brother, 2004) [2:50]
7.  Got The Blues Can’t Be Satisfied (Hurt) by Rory Block (Avalon: A Tribute to Mississippi John Hurt, 2013) [4:00]
8. I’m Goin’ Back Home (Lawlers) by Maria Muldaur & Alvin Youngblood Hart (First Came Memphis Minnie; a Loving Tribute, 2012) [2:58]
9. Do It The Right Way (McCue) by Anne McCue (East-of-Electric, 2008) [2:40]
10. Travellin’ Woman Blues (Block) by Eric Bibb, Rory Block & Maria Muldaur (Sisters & Brother, 2004) [4:27] Chris Burns piano.
11. Everybody Loves John (Block) by Rory Block (Avalon: A Tribute to Mississippi John Hurt, 2013) [5:22]
12. Maggie Campbell (trad) by Eric Bibb, Rory Block & Maria Muldaur (Sisters & Brother, 2004) [2:58]
13 Rock Island (trad/ arr Block) by Rory Block with Paul Rishell & Anne Raines (I’m Every Woman, 2002)  [2:23]
14. Shane Matts’ (Mr Vinyl) selection: Ten Inch Blues (Tyler) by Aerosmith (Toys in the Attic, 1973?)
15. Rock Daniel (Nubin/ Tharpe) by Eric Bibb, Rory Block & Maria Muldaur (Sisters & Brother, 2004) [2:07]
16. Sea Lion Woman (trad/ arr Block) by Rory Block & Gaye Adegbalola (I’m Every Woman, 2002) [1:26]
17. Ain’t No Grave Can Hold My Body Down (trad/ arr Block) by Rory Block & Jordan Block Valdina (I’m Every Woman, 2002) (I’m Every Woman, 2002) [4:58]
18.Uncloudy Day  (Atwood) by Rory Block (High Heeled Blues, 1989) [2:38]
19.  Gone Woman Blues (Block) by Rory Block (Tornado, 1996) [3:43]

songs from the known musical continents….

20.. Cecom  [Czech?] (?) by Baba Jula (Ruhani Oyun Havalari [Mad Professor], 2003) [5:16] from Turkey, which straddles Asia & Europe.
21. Malgenios (Ochoa) by Chico Trujillo (Reine De Todas Las Fiestas, 2015) [4:27] from Chile
22. Afraid (Hawkins) by Ted Hawkins (The Next Hundred Years, 1994) [4:28]
23. Not Afraid  (Ukulele Death Squad ) by Ukulele Death Squad [3:20] world’s most dangerous ukulele band;  from all over, now Adelaide, mainly; debut single, playing Royal 2/12/18
24. Barefoot Wonderland (Bernasconi) by Justin Bernasconi (Barefoot Wonderland, 2017) [3:54]
25. Say Bye Bye (McCue) by Anne McCue (East-of-Electric, 2008) [2:02]
26. Tingles  (Smillie) by Elephant Sessions (All We Have Is Now, 2018?) [5:19] from Scotland.



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