Glenn Williams

Glenn Williams

My first visit to 94.9MAINfm was in 2015 as a guest on Marg Byers Garden Show "The First Garden". It only took one more guest spot to become an enthusiastic Presenter...

My life has been a complex and busy one with many varied back stories. I first lived in this area in the 70's leaving in the 80's with family firmly entrenched in the community. I returned with a family in 1999 and have since seen great change.

I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion, its the way they display that opinion that can get my attention. To me Diversity is about all of a community and all its stories focusing on moving forward.

I have been involved with a number of Programs including "Fast Forward" a fascinating and sometimes tricky show working with two loud and experienced members of the musical industry. For 3 hours every week for 2 years we had a ball. Next was "Our Sounds" a short lived but important program dedicated to playing as much local music as 2 hours a week would allow. I enjoyed a stint on Community Announcements and am currently busy with 3 shows. "Around the Wireless" and "Dark Moments" are all about Theatre of the Mind, time to take your mind off the day and the night. Living with disability led me to "Able Radio" - a program that conveys the message "Everyone's life matters"...

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