Get Your Groove Back

Presented by: Tony Peachey

Tuesday 11:00am - 1:00pm

GET YOUR GROOVE BACK (aka The Lifters & Leaners Show)

Dare I use the “e” (ecl#$%tic) word to describe the wide-ranging styles of music that you will hear on Get Your Groove Back? You’ll hear Muddy Waters back to back with Ali Farka Toure, Sister Rosetta Tharpe with Johnny Winter, Dya Singh with Rory McLeod. Programs include featured albums, tracks to a theme, particular styles (from blues to world), guests (some of whom actually turn up, some of whom are interesting), film soundtracks and other stuff made up on the spur of the moment. Regular features include music I borrow from the library, instrumentals and music around a moment in history. If your life has a soundtrack, the chances are you’ll hear it on Get Your Groove Back.

PLAYLIST FOR 20/4/21 (PROGRAM 415) Great Moments of Vinyl History

* As the fallout from Christine Holgate’s Senate Inquiry appearance continues, the societal importance of the saga has today been quantified by one of her overnight disciples in the corporate sector. “Christine Holgate is our Rosa Parks,” explained 55-year old commercial litigation specialist and recently outed suffragette Ellie Minterson today, referencing the famous African-American civil rights activist. “Like Edith Cowan, Malala Yousafzai and Emmeline Pankhurst before here she is blazing a trail for first-time feminists who never thought they’d ever have to experience the full-blown piggery of the patriarchy once they held such highly paid positions,’” said Minterson, a partner-in-waiting at one of the big firms in our Old City District. Her comments come after former Australia Post CEO Christine Holgate appeared at the Senate Inquiry yesterday wearing all white in solidarity with the suffragette movement – something which sought/seeks to give women the right to vote in elections and ensure multi-millionaires aren’t subject to the sexism rife in corporate Australia. [Betoota Advocate]

* Although no one is sure how it happened, someone let uncle of 12 and fulltime Gen Xer ‘Uncle’ Roari Lund (56) listen to triple j. Needless to say, the self-confessed lover of “real f**king music” was not too impressed by the selection of modern music he heard during the 15 minutes he listened to the youth radio station. “This song sounds the same as the last bloody one!” insisted Lund as he compared Ruby Fields to Khalid. “All your generation says they hate plastic then why is the music so plastic for then?” Lund then informed our reporters of his own musical tastes by reciting an unprompted list of musical groups he considers more important than any of the four women he has ever shared a bed with. “Ya ever heard of Mi-Sex, nah course you haven’t they won’t teach that in schools these days. What about some bloody Acadaca mate! Only if you want some music with hairs on it’s nackers!” For those without an Uncle Roari, AC/DC (colloquially known as Acadaca) are an Australian rock band known for a string of hits in the ’70s and ’80s featuring screaming vocals and heavy guitar riffs, a point Lund emphasised by loudly shredding on air guitar. [Betoota Advocate]

*Tweet of the week: “Never be sad on a holiday/weekend. cry on aworkday. Get paid for your depression. Don’t let capitlism win” [Lawyerman]

1.Lotus Feet (McLaughlin?) by Remember Shakti feat John McLaughlin (Best of India: Sunset, 2003) [7:06]
* 2.  Sodfa (?) by Ramzi Aburedwan (Rough Guide To world Music, 2018) [5:12] Born and raised in a Palestinian refugee camp, and gaining some notoriety as an eight-year-old when captured in an iconic photograph stoning an Israeli tank, Ramzi Aburedwan only took up music in his late teens.  Sodfa, taken from his 2012 Reflections of Palestine instrumental albumfeatures the sound of his buzuq, accompanied by oud, accordion and percussion.
3. Bhoop Ghara Dadra (?) by Call of the Valley OR Hariprasad Chaurasia, Pandit Shiv, Kumar Sharma, Brij Bhushan Kabra (Best of India: Sunset, 2003) [6:16]
Featured album: Great Moments of Vinyl History, 1988, compiled by Andy Kershaw
4. Walkin’ With The Barrance (Whitfield)  by Barrance Whitfield & The Savages
5. Twist With The Morningstars (Rogie) by S.E. Rogie
6. Jean’s Reel/ The Moving Cloud (MacLeod) by Phil Cunningham &Gary Peterson
7 Cold & Bitter Tears (Hawkins) byTed Hawkins & Billy Bragg
8. AB Hornpipe/ Mrs Bolowski’s (Tickell) by Kathryn Tickell
9. Utru Horas (?) by Orchestra Baobab
10. Harlan County (Ford) by Jim Ford
11. Dubab Duba (Nikosi) by Kakgona Tsohle Band
12. Masane Silse (?) by Pa Jobareth
13. Mystery Train  (Parker) by Dwight  Yoakam
14. Solo Na Musta (?)? by Jonah Moyo & Devera Ngwena
15. Broke Down & Hungry (trad) by Steve Phillips
16. I’m Gonna Leave You  (De Biasio?) by Melanie De Biasio [8:15] live 2014 from Charleroi, Belgium one for Alan Steer.
17. Stasia  (Campbell/ Tulipan) by Tulipan (Manic Celeste, 1997) [5:56] from Brisbane
18. Bottom of the River (Hölljes/ Hölljes) by Delta Rae (Carry The Fire, 2012) [3:18] live session; from  Durham, North Carolina. The band consists of three siblings Ian Hölljes (vocals and guitar), Eric Hölljes (vocals, guitar, piano and keys) and Brittany Hölljes (vocals), as well as Elizabeth Hopkins (vocals), Mike McKee (percussion) and Grant Emerson (bass guitar). The band feels that they do not fit into a single musical genre, but have described their sound as “gospel-tinged country-rock, sensual blue-eyed soul and harmony-laden Americana.” their 1st album
19. Kill of the Night (Wigmore/  Hamilton/ Clark) by Gin Wigmore (Gravel & Wine, 2011) [3:30]
20. All Good People (Hölljes/ Hölljes) by Delta Rae [4:32] recorded 2020 in response to the Black Lives Matter campaign.

* Indicated CD borrowed from Bendigo Library (Goldfields Library Corp)


*Former Prime Minister turned unemployable baby boomer, Tony Abbott, has today announced that he will be taking a time of paid leave from his obligations to his cycling mates and the cafes of Manly. This follows the news that his most valued constituent, The Duke Of Edinburgh, has passed away peacefully at the age of 99. Tony Abbott has been known for many years to hold a special place in his heart for the Queen’s old husband, and is believed to have a similar penchant for mildly racist and sexist jokes. [Betoota Advocate]

* Tweets of the week: “When the royal family said they were going to get less racist I didn’t expect them to take such drastic measures”  [Ollie Jones]

* “everyone making jokes about the queen joining tinder & bumble like she wouldn’t be u7sing ancestry dot com” [antaoife]

1. Sakhalin Rock (Oki) by Oki Dub Ainu Band (Sakhalin Rock, 2010) [4:48]
2. Hekuri Sarari (trad) by Oki Dub Ainu Band (Utarhythm, 2016) [5:12]
3. Otemoyen (?) by Minyo Crusaders (Echoes of Japan, 2017) [5:46]
4. Daydreaming (Aitchison/ Lane/  Fergie) by Oka (Elements, 2002) [6:04] 1st of 8 albums; “a celebration of all that it is to be alive & free in the world today, OKA draws on their indigenous connection to place & country through music…A rhythm based sonic tapestry crossing cultural boundaries, embracing the future without losing sight of the past” [web site]; from Coolum Beach,  Sunshine Coast, QLD.
5. Lunge (McMahon/ Carolan/ Duquemin) by Gondwanaland (Wide Skies, 1993) [5:42]|
6. Yesterday (Aitchison/ Lane/  Fergie)  by Oka (Elements, 2002) [5:27]
7.  Glass Sunset (Tulipan) by Tulipan (Manic Celeste, 1997) [8:26] Tulipan was a Brisbane-based Hungarian fusion band who were active from 1993 to 2000.
8. Oy Za Lisochkom [Oh For Fox? – Russian?](?) by Dahka Brahka (Ha Meerxi, 2009) [8:45] from Kiev, Ukraine
9. Raunchy (trad/arr Tulipan) by Tulipan (Manic Celeste, 1997) [2:39]
10. Conman Coming (Heldal?) by Monica Heldal (Boy From The North, 2013) [3:01] from Bergen, Norway.
11. Your Hour of Darkness (Angel/  Mills/ Powell/ Angel) by The Urban Voodoo Machine (Love, Drink & Death, 2011) [3:19] vocalist Paul-Ronney Angel ate his parents and fled the fjords of Norway with just a bottle of moonshine and several slices of decomposing fish in his back pocket. (Before he left they tried him in the Norwegian Army – he lasted a total of five hours.) All the others in the band are English; based in London, been around since 2002.
12. Captain of a Sinking Ship (Angel) by The Urban Voodoo Machine (Love, Drink & Death, 2011) [3:46] one for Scott Morrison.
13. Ultimate (Hutz/ Gogol Bordello) by Gogol Bordello (Super Taranta!, 2007) {3:29]
14. In Your Light (De Backer) by Gotye (Making Mirrors, 2011) [4:39]
15. A Flick of the Wrist (Lawrey) by Loz Lawrey (Leaving Sadland, 2014) [2:50]
16. Sadland (Lawrey) by Loz Lawrey (Leaving Sadland, 2014) [5:14] one for covid….& Scomo
17. Don’t Mess With The Hat (Angel/ Loadsman) by The Urban Voodoo Machine (Love, Drink & Death, 2011) [3:30]
18. Thunder (trad/arr Tulipan) by Tulipan (Manic Celeste, 1997) [3:10]
19. Walk With Me Lawrey) by Loz Lawrey (Leaving Sadland, 2014) [3:26]


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