In Maldon Today

IMT presents interviews with special guests discussing a range of topical issues and subjects. The program also plays a selection of music from the Middle Ages through to today to inspire and soothe the soul.

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IMT is presented each week by two of our team of 8 – comprising Ian Slattery, Nancy Whittaker, Mike Smythe, Ian Stevens, Lauren Stevens, Kevin Spiers, Elizabeth Close and Alison Park. 2021 is our 8th year of broadcasting.

So we have a stock market guru, former newspaper tycoon, a plumber who knows where all the bodies are buried, lapsed teachers, a would-be actor, gardener and funeral celebrant, a muso, a young designer, a former arts boss and a former tourism promoter. Has to be pretty well informed with a mob like this.

We present regular segments including local news, events and Street Talk which is the local gossip we sniff out from spending way too much time on the streets and in the bars and cafés of Maldon. Not to mention Ian’s Financial Report, WIHLOL (what I have learned of late), our weekly whinge, Geoff’s Maldon to Maldon, Essex (m2m) segment and ‘Blast from the Past’ provided by the Maldon Museum and Archives Association.

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